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Accessing an IIS Express site from a remote computer

Sometimes (waaaay to often) I have to check that a site I’m working on looks like it should in Internet Explorer 6, Safari on Mac or some other browser that I can’t run in Windows 7. In this case I wanted to access it from IE6 running in XP Mode.  I could of course deploy it to IIS and make it publicly available, but since I’m now using IIS Express for running my sites from Visual Studio instead of the built-in web server Cassini, it almost simple to let other computers on my network access the ...

Posted by johan on August 16, 2011

Debugging Silverlight needs IE?

I’ve decided to learn at least a little Silverlight, since it seems to be pretty cool, and I feel the need to learn something new (yeah, yeah, I’ll learn Erlang or something equally hardcore next). Since I basically don’t know any Silverlight at all, I though I’d start by following a tutorial of some kind. And since the Silverlight Training Course for Silverlight 4 on Channel 9 was announced pretty much the same day, I chose that one. In Lab 3, I had some difficulties (probably due to my inabi...

Posted by johan on April 23, 2010

Windows 7 XP Mode is really nice

This post was originally published on As an early adopter of everything new (meaning if it isn’t beta it is not worth installing), I recently installed Windows 7 RC on my laptop, and yesterday I also installed Windows XP Mode, or XPM. XPM is basically an extension of Virtual PC, and a new Virtual PC beta version, that allows you to run XP applications outside of the virtual machine, just like normal applications. This is really useful e.g. for testing things in...

Posted by johan on May 07, 2009