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Getting Ruby on Rails 1.9.3 to work on Ubuntu 11.10

About a year ago, I wrote a post on how to get Ruby on Rails to work on Ubuntu 10.10. I’ve since updated it a bit. Today, after doing a clean install of Ubuntu 11.10, I tried to follow my own recipe to install Ruby on Rails, but as it turns out a few things have changed. No biggies, the recipe is still mostly valid, but I thought it might be a good idea to write a new post with updated instructions instead of just changing the old one. Just as the last time, this is just what happened to work fo...

Posted by johan on January 25, 2012

Getting Ruby on Rails to work on Ubuntu 10.10

UPDATE 2012-01-25 These instructions are now deprecated, as I’ve written an updated post on how to get Ruby on Rails working on Ubuntu 11.10.UPDATE 2011-06-21 – I noticed that the install script at has changed. I have updated this post to reflect this.Since I'm still on parental leave, and just have too much god damn time on my hands, I thought I'd finally give Ruby on Rails a good try, so first I finished Rails for Zombies, and then I started on the Ruby on Rails Tutorial (an...

Posted by johan on February 16, 2011