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Why Workflow Services Storing Their Physical Location In The Xamlx File Is A Very Bad Idea

Just now I was trying to debug a Workflow Service in WF4, that a colleague of mine had created. Strange thing was, even though I set a breakpoint the debugger didn’t stop, it just returned the answer as if I wasn’t debugging at all. In the same projects, I have other Workflow Services, and I hade no problem debugging those (except that debugging workflows is slooow, but that’s beside the point). I started looking a the Debug output, when this line caught my eye: “C:\TFS\..” – hey, that’s no...

Posted by johan on February 25, 2010

Fun with betas and RC of .NET 4 and AppFabric

UPDATE: Turns out there is a less difficult way to do this. The uninstaller just looks for the config file of .NET 4 beta 2 (v4.0.21006), so all you need to do is copy you machine.config and web.config from \Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework(64)\v4.0.30128\Config to ..\v4.0.21006\Config (you probably have to create the folder), and uninstall it. It is explained in greater detail in this post. So my weekend was saved. Although I wouldn’t dare complain about the fact that I get to use all the lates...

Posted by johan on February 18, 2010

Persistance in WF4 beta 2

Ok, this is my follow-up post to .Net Framework Profiles, where I very naïvely though I persistence in WF4 was all about using the correct target framework. As it turned out, they changed the persistence model between beta 1 and beta 2, and the tutorial was apparently written for beta 1. So here’s my changes to the Microsoft tutorial How to: Create and Run a Long Running Workflow in order to make it work for Windows Workflow Foundation 4 beta 2. The persistence database First of all, since t...

Posted by johan on November 11, 2009

.Net Framework Profiles

UPDATE 2: I have now written a post describing how I got persistence working in WF4 beta 2. UPDATE: Seems that they have changed just about everything concerning persistence from WF4 beta 1 to beta 2. So the forth part of the tutorial I’m referring to doesn’t seem to work at all for beta 2. I’ll have to do a follow-up on how it works once I’ve figured it out. /J Since we are going to use Windows Workflow Foundation 4 in our new project, I though I’d better learn the basics of it. So I found Mi...

Posted by johan on November 11, 2009