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Setting up an SSH tunnel to access Remote Desktop using Putty and SSHD on Linux

In Approach, we have servers (ya, rly!). From time to time I need to access them. Usually, I do this by connecting to our VPN. At times, however, that is not possible, like for instance when some overzealous firewall administrator has blocked outgoing PPTP. Then you might have the need for an alternate approach, like using an SSH tunnel (provided that the administrator didn’t block outgoing SSH as well…) And yes, I am aware that there are plenty of guides how to setup an SSH ...

Posted by johan on March 27, 2012

Keeping things in sync part 2 – Dropbox and Junction

This is kind of a follow-up to my ancient post from november 2008, Keeping things in sync. I still use more than one computer, three to be precise; an Thinkpad X301 at work, a workstation of sorts at home, and a Netbook in front of the TV. And I want the switch between them to go as smoothly as possible. So, just as I did in 2008, I use Dropbox to store all my documents. Great! But, as it turns out, not all applications lets you choose where to store the data. About 15 minutes ago, I sat myself...

Posted by johan on March 03, 2010

Windows 7 XP Mode is really nice

This post was originally published on As an early adopter of everything new (meaning if it isn’t beta it is not worth installing), I recently installed Windows 7 RC on my laptop, and yesterday I also installed Windows XP Mode, or XPM. XPM is basically an extension of Virtual PC, and a new Virtual PC beta version, that allows you to run XP applications outside of the virtual machine, just like normal applications. This is really useful e.g. for testing things in...

Posted by johan on May 07, 2009