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Powershell makes Windows Server AppFabric tolerable

I have been working quite a bit with Windows Server AppFabric lately, especially the WF Instancing. AppFabric is kind of nice, but unfortunately the GUI inside IIS is mind-numbingly slow! Luckily, there is a better and faster way of querying and working with AppFabric: Powershell. It turns out that AppFabric comes with a whole bunch of Powershell cmdlets, that allows you to do just about anything you can do in the GUI (and lots of stuff you can’t do in the GUI). If you start Powershell Modules,...

Posted by johan on June 30, 2010

Fun with betas and RC of .NET 4 and AppFabric

UPDATE: Turns out there is a less difficult way to do this. The uninstaller just looks for the config file of .NET 4 beta 2 (v4.0.21006), so all you need to do is copy you machine.config and web.config from \Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework(64)\v4.0.30128\Config to ..\v4.0.21006\Config (you probably have to create the folder), and uninstall it. It is explained in greater detail in this post. So my weekend was saved. Although I wouldn’t dare complain about the fact that I get to use all the lates...

Posted by johan on February 18, 2010