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Repositories, can't live with them, can't live without them?

I always struggle with design. Systems design, that is, not graphical design (well, ok, that too…). One thing I never seem to be really happy with is Repositories. They often seem to be a lot of work, and never really seem to fit. Once upon a time, I used to follow a strict chain of command in the design: Controller –> Service –> Repository –> Database This naturally led to quite a lot of useless service methods, that did nothing but forward the call ...

Posted by johan on February 15, 2012

Extension methods are teh shit!

I’m really starting to like extension methods! I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first when they appeared in C# 3.0 (wow, that was 3 years ago!). I was worried that they would make the code hard to follow, and thought that you could just make a static helper class instead (which is, after all, what extension methods really are). //After all, what's wrong with this? cleanString = StringHelper.RemoveHtml(htmlString); //On the other hand, this does look nicer... cleanString = htmlString.Remov...

Posted by johan on October 06, 2010

Facebook Comments in EPiServer

This post was originally published on Facebook Comments is a very useful widget for Facebook Connect, the integration platform for Facebook, allowing you to place a comments box on your web pages. As it uses the Facebook connect platform, it lets the users sign in with their Facebook accounts as well as publish their comments to their FB feed, making this a powerful marketing tool as well. Not that it is extremely difficult to integrate the comment box in your EP...

Posted by johan on June 22, 2009