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Keeping things in sync part 2 – Dropbox and Junction

This is kind of a follow-up to my ancient post from november 2008, Keeping things in sync. I still use more than one computer, three to be precise; an Thinkpad X301 at work, a workstation of sorts at home, and a Netbook in front of the TV. And I want the switch between them to go as smoothly as possible. So, just as I did in 2008, I use Dropbox to store all my documents. Great! But, as it turns out, not all applications lets you choose where to store the data. About 15 minutes ago, I sat myself...

Posted by johan on March 03, 2010

Simple source control with Subversion and Dropbox

This post was originally published on I noticed that the activity on this blog has been a bit low lately, probably due to the fact that everyone has been away for the holidays. Instead of nagging on everyone to start writing again, I though I should lead by example and write an entry myself first. :-) This is on the same theme as my previous entry, Keeping things in sync, where I went on about how happy I am with Dropbox and Evernote to have access to all my impor...

Posted by johan on January 14, 2009

Keeping things in sync

This post was originally published on Since my laptop got stolen a couple of weeks ago, I've become pretty paranoid about not having the only copy of things I'm working on on my laptop. Luckily, I've found some free tools to help me with this, and I must say, not only do these tools ensure that if my computer would get stolen again (or more likely, get left behind at a bar :-)), I wouldn't lose any of my work, they have also improved my life considerably! A...

Posted by johan on November 26, 2008