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Effortless unit testing with NCrunch for Visual Studio

I’ve been using a great little Visual Studio plugin lately, called NCrunch. It’s a continuous test runner, meaning that it finds and runs all my unit test in the background all the time. And whenever I change some code, it knows what tests (if any) are effected, and re-runs those tests. It also lets me see exactly what tests are covering a particular line of code. And I don’t even have to save my files for it to work! I’ll give you a small example. Say that I’m writing a class, let’s call it Foo...

Posted by johan on December 01, 2011

Simple Exception logging with ELMAH

This post was originally published on Logging errors on a web site can be a pain. Sure, when you use EPiServer, you get the log4net error logging framework, but how much fun is it to read the log files it produces? First, every 404 is going to clog the log file making the important errors hard to find and second, the format of the log is not really reader friendly – you need to access the server and open it in a text editor. This usually means that you (or I, or we...

Posted by johan on April 19, 2009

Simple source control with Subversion and Dropbox

This post was originally published on I noticed that the activity on this blog has been a bit low lately, probably due to the fact that everyone has been away for the holidays. Instead of nagging on everyone to start writing again, I though I should lead by example and write an entry myself first. :-) This is on the same theme as my previous entry, Keeping things in sync, where I went on about how happy I am with Dropbox and Evernote to have access to all my impor...

Posted by johan on January 14, 2009

Keeping things in sync

This post was originally published on Since my laptop got stolen a couple of weeks ago, I've become pretty paranoid about not having the only copy of things I'm working on on my laptop. Luckily, I've found some free tools to help me with this, and I must say, not only do these tools ensure that if my computer would get stolen again (or more likely, get left behind at a bar :-)), I wouldn't lose any of my work, they have also improved my life considerably! A...

Posted by johan on November 26, 2008