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Setting up an SSH tunnel to access Remote Desktop using Putty and SSHD on Linux

In Approach, we have servers (ya, rly!). From time to time I need to access them. Usually, I do this by connecting to our VPN. At times, however, that is not possible, like for instance when some overzealous firewall administrator has blocked outgoing PPTP. Then you might have the need for an alternate approach, like using an SSH tunnel (provided that the administrator didn’t block outgoing SSH as well…) And yes, I am aware that there are plenty of guides how to setup an SSH ...

Posted by johan on March 27, 2012

Getting Ruby on Rails 1.9.3 to work on Ubuntu 11.10

About a year ago, I wrote a post on how to get Ruby on Rails to work on Ubuntu 10.10. I’ve since updated it a bit. Today, after doing a clean install of Ubuntu 11.10, I tried to follow my own recipe to install Ruby on Rails, but as it turns out a few things have changed. No biggies, the recipe is still mostly valid, but I thought it might be a good idea to write a new post with updated instructions instead of just changing the old one. Just as the last time, this is just what happened to work fo...

Posted by johan on January 25, 2012

Getting the Firefox button back in Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity

Since I've been trying to learn more about Ruby on Rails (everybody else seems to be doing it, so why shouldn't I?) lately, I've been spending quite some time in Ubuntu instead of my usual Windows 7 environment. And since that's the way I do things, I immediately upgraded to 11.04 when it was released. With Ubuntu 11.04 you get Unity instead of Gnome, which is pretty cool. I generally like it, especially the fact that you can, just like I do in Win7, just press the Windows key and type a few let...

Posted by johan on May 05, 2011

Getting Ruby on Rails to work on Ubuntu 10.10

UPDATE 2012-01-25 These instructions are now deprecated, as I’ve written an updated post on how to get Ruby on Rails working on Ubuntu 11.10.UPDATE 2011-06-21 – I noticed that the install script at has changed. I have updated this post to reflect this.Since I'm still on parental leave, and just have too much god damn time on my hands, I thought I'd finally give Ruby on Rails a good try, so first I finished Rails for Zombies, and then I started on the Ruby on Rails Tutorial (an...

Posted by johan on February 16, 2011