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World wide visitors

Totally off topic for this blog, since I try not to write about random things, but rather keep to the technical topics, but I just had to share this map from Google Analytics of where my visitors come from.


Yep, it seems you come from all over the world (with a slight overweight for the U.S of A Smile)). I’m a little weak in central Africa it seems, although I’m very grateful to the one guy (or gal) in Uganda, and in Sudan, who visited my blog this last month. Hope you found what you were looking for! And it seems that no one in Greenland is interested…

Anyway, it’s fun to know that people from all over the world are finding the way to this blog (even if about 60% of the visitors come only for the post about getting 4 working in IIS 6)!

Next post will be back to the technical stuff, I promise!