Progress on the new blog engine | Johan Driessen

Progress on the new blog engine

Hmmm, it seems that I did not manage to replace Subtext with my new blog engine, Alpha, before the end of 2010 as I optimistically thought when I started in October. It turns out that there are other things to do than to program when you’re on paternal leave (ya, rly!)

I am, however, making progress with it. It basically displays the posts as I want it to, and the tagging and the tag cloud is working. What I really need to do in order to replace Subtext is to get Alpha to work with Windows Live Writer, since I use that to write all my posts. There are also other small things, like pingbacks/trackbacks, the RSS feed and an archive. The devil is, as always, in the details. So I won’t wager a prognosis for when it’s done this time.

I must say, though, that it’s a joy to work with RavenDB as a database, and I’ll hate going back to work with relational databases when my leave is over. What are the odds I can convince everyone at work (including customers) to work only with document databases from now on? I’ll try to write some posts on my experiences with document databases in general and RavenDB in particular in the near future.

I also enjoy working with Mercurial and Bitbucket for versioning control, and I don’t even need Visual Studio integration, since there are no checkouts! Don’t miss TFS one bit!

Happy New Year!