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Repositories, can't live with them, can't live without them?

I always struggle with design. Systems design, that is, not graphical design (well, ok, that too…). One thing I never seem to be really happy with is Repositories. They often seem to be a lot of work, and never really seem to fit. Once upon a time, I used to follow a strict chain of command in the design: Controller –> Service –> Repository –> Database This naturally led to quite a lot of useless service methods, that did nothing but forward the call ...

Posted by johan on February 15, 2012

Progress on the new blog engine

Hmmm, it seems that I did not manage to replace Subtext with my new blog engine, Alpha, before the end of 2010 as I optimistically thought when I started in October. It turns out that there are other things to do than to program when you’re on paternal leave (ya, rly!) I am, however, making progress with it. It basically displays the posts as I want it to, and the tagging and the tag cloud is working. What I really need to do in order to replace Subtext is to get Alpha to work with Windows Live ...

Posted by johan on January 02, 2011

I’m gonna build my own blog engine, because it’s never been done before, or maybe I can just do it better!

Today is the first day of my paternity leave, I’ll be home with my little daughter for at least six months. Which is great! But I immediately started to get the itch to write some code. I needed a hobby project. Since I suck at coming up with great ideas, I decided to be a good Jedi and build my own blog engine! Yes, I know, there really is no need for another blog engine. Except that there is. The one I would like to use doesn’t seem to be out there. Also, it seems like a perfect way to try ou...

Posted by johan on October 18, 2010