The blog is now even more static than before! | Johan Driessen

The blog is now even more static than before!

This blog has been rather static lately. In fact, I haven’t written a new post since 2014. I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that I became a father for the second time in 2014. Obviously a coincidence.

But now it’s time for the blog to become static in a whole new way! For more than 8 years, this blog has been running on my own blog engine, but now the time has come to leave that behind, and move to the wonderful world of static site generators. I know, I’m a couple of years late too the party, but better late than never!

After looking at a lot of alternatives, and sinking way to many hours into making a combination of gulp and metalsmith work the way I wanted it to, I finally decided on using Hexo to generate the site. That worked pretty much out to box, although I still feel I have enough flexibiliy to make it work that way I want. Hexo generates a completely static site, and I just need a lightly configured Nginx server in front of it, mainly to keep some old links alive.

So now the source code for both the posts and the scaffolding for the blog lives on Github, and publishing a new post is a simple matter of writing it in markdown and pushing to Github.

Or, well, it will be once I finish the script that auto publishes the blog. So, any day now.

I also gave the blog a new coat of paint, which was sorely needed. Hopefully this will lower the bar for me to write new posts, which might mean that I will be able to produce more than one every five years. Fingers crossed.