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Fixing the blog preview theme in Windows Live Writer

I’ve been using Windows Live Writer to write my blog post ever since I started blogging. Even though the 2011 update made it a little worse than before, it’s still a pretty nice tool to write your posts. Especially with the PreCode plugin that allows me to write code with support for SyntaxHighlighter.However, since I changed the theme of my blog recently, something went awry with the preview theme in Live Writer. More specifically, the white background for the blog posts disappeared, so it look...

Posted by johan on February 16, 2012

World wide visitors

Totally off topic for this blog, since I try not to write about random things, but rather keep to the technical topics, but I just had to share this map from Google Analytics of where my visitors come from.Yep, it seems you come from all over the world (with a slight overweight for the U.S of A ). I’m a little weak in central Africa it seems, although I’m very grateful to the one guy (or gal) in Uganda, and in Sudan, who visited my blog this last month. Hope you found what you were looking for! ...

Posted by johan on April 07, 2011

Up and running on the Alpha Blog Engine!

As I wrote in a post back in October, I’ve been writing my own blog engine, with the plan to run my blog on that instead. And today, finally, I was able to migrate my blog to my own blog engine, called Alpha! It took a little longer than I had hoped (the Devil is in the details…), and there are still lots of things I want to do on it, but it seems to work nicely, and I’m pretty happy with it!A quick overview of the Alpha Blog Engine:Built in ASP.NET MVC 3 with Razor.NET 4 onlyRavenDB (that’s rig...

Posted by johan on February 27, 2011

I’m gonna build my own blog engine, because it’s never been done before, or maybe I can just do it better!

Today is the first day of my paternity leave, I’ll be home with my little daughter for at least six months. Which is great! But I immediately started to get the itch to write some code. I needed a hobby project. Since I suck at coming up with great ideas, I decided to be a good Jedi and build my own blog engine! Yes, I know, there really is no need for another blog engine. Except that there is. The one I would like to use doesn’t seem to be out there. Also, it seems like a perfect way to try ou...

Posted by johan on October 18, 2010

Keeping things in sync part 2 – Dropbox and Junction

This is kind of a follow-up to my ancient post from november 2008, Keeping things in sync. I still use more than one computer, three to be precise; an Thinkpad X301 at work, a workstation of sorts at home, and a Netbook in front of the TV. And I want the switch between them to go as smoothly as possible. So, just as I did in 2008, I use Dropbox to store all my documents. Great! But, as it turns out, not all applications lets you choose where to store the data. About 15 minutes ago, I sat myself...

Posted by johan on March 03, 2010

New place, new look, same me

I started blogging on the Dropit Labs blog about a year ago, and I have kind of gotten used to it. But since I no longer work at Dropit, and thus am unable to keep writing there, I felt the need to create another place to write my posts about web development. The simple solution was obviously to start my own blog, and this is the result! Since I didn’t want to start all empty, I have copied most of my posts on the labs blog (except for a few that was only about Dropit stuff). I have decided to...

Posted by johan on October 09, 2009